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Mitchell Fire Department is setting new trends towards volunteering:

Have you ever thought about volunteering with the Fire Department but was not quite sure if you were up to it, Think Again?

At Mitchell Fire Department we not only have some of the best volunteer fire fighters around but we are expanding now to include volunteers who are interested in the medical field as well.

As growth in our community has progressed so has the need for more volunteers.

Believe it or not, there was a time when fire fighters only put out fires. Moving forward in time as more cars traveled the roadways there was a need for rescuers; that responsibility was picked up by fire fighters. Moving forward again with mass casualties, this too was handled by your local fire department.

  Going into the 21 century there was a need to handle emergency medical calls. Guess who got that responsibility? That Right! The fire department and this is where
YOU come in.

First Responders & EMT
First Responders & EMT
The demands of a fire fighter are high but so are the rewards. EMS personnel share that same gratitude/reward of helping people but in a friendlier atmosphere

Perhaps you have a fear of fire, heights or building collapse, that’s ok? We have a place just for you. With medical calls now reaching 70 percent of our total call volume, MFD can use your help.

  MFD is offering a volunteer EMS position where we will train you to handle nothing more than EMS calls,

  You will be paged out just like our firefighters but only respond when it is a medical call.

  If you ever thought about entering the medical profession this could be a great first stepping stone!

  If you live in our fire district or an adjoining fire district please stop by any Wednesday evening at either fire station and fill out an application. We look forward to seeing you.

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First Responders & EMT'S
Mitchell Fire Rescue
Mitchell Fire Rescue